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handmade chocolates

I Dream of...Chocolate! is a Sheffield based company captivated by the magic a beautiful chocolate can create.

I was inspired by memories of wandering and exploring pretty little chocolate shops in France and dreaming of creating a little bit of that closer to home.

The dream has turned into a reality using quality ingredients and Belgian chocolate to handmake a selection of chocolate treats on the outskirts of the green city of Sheffield. Creating artisan chocolates from my own dedicated 'chocolate workshop', handmade chocolates are created in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

I use local ingredients where possible to ensure the best quality of the chocolate experience.

I have chosen the finest Belgian chocolate that supports cocoa farmers and sustainable cocoa cultivation.

Cocoa is grown in some of the worlds poorest regions, and with cocoa being a complex crop it is important to support measures to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers, and their communities, through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity and community development.

So enjoy good quality chocolate knowing you are supporting the lives of the communities who grow cocoa beans.



"I must have been ten years old - maybe older - before I first tasted real chocolate.
But still the fascination endured."
Joanne Harris, Chocolat